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Vinyl is propbably the most used product in the signs industry. Nowadays vinyl comes in almost every color, texture, and finish one could imagine. From plain gloss or matte colored vinyl, camouflage patterns to reflective, translucent, fluorescent, and even animal textured vinyls - if you can think of it, its probably out there. With as many options available there are as many uses. Vinyl is used on all types of signage; from small interior directories, street signs, to full vehicle wraps. The quality and longevity of the vinyl itself is based mainly upon its location, interior or exterior, whether laminated (if needed) and whether the vinyl is cast or calendered.


Calendered, or intermediate, vinyl, is made by flattening a mixture into the desired thickness. This flattening process gives calendered vinyl a memory, which means that it will want to shrink back to its original size or shape over time. Calendered is best used for interior application or decals but is a popular choice due to its price.


Cast on the other hand is known as premium vinyl. It also begins as a mixture, but instead of being flattened, is poured into a casting sheet and baked. This means that cast vinyl is more conformable, will stretch, and will not shrink. Cast vinyl is a more expensive option but clearly the better choice.



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